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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Aurora! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Aurora, CO. When you have an emergency with a wild animal, you need a prompt and efficient service that is ready to answer your call and provide service no matter what time of the day it is. For over 10 years we have been providing that type of service. We have a staff that is waiting to take your call 24 hours a day, and technicians are available to provide same-day service in emergencies. All calls are seen as important, so you are guaranteed that a technician will arrive to your property within 24 hours of your call. We are available seven days a week, every day of the year. No animal is too small or too large for us to handle. We are experts at handling mammals like rats, skunks, raccoons, mice, bats, and squirrels. We handle reptiles like snakes, and can not only extract birds in their nests, but also provide proactive measures to keep them from roosting on your home or building. We safely remove these animals and do so quickly, but we are humane in the way that we do it. This means that no poisons or dangerous traps will be employed. If you have a wild animal inside your home or business, call us right away. Our operators are standing by to assist you. Call us now at 720-344-6605 for your Aurora wildlife control needs.

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Aurora Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Will Repellents Work On Your Colorado Groundhog Problem?

Groundhogs are considered one of the most annoying urban Colorado animals due to the extent of damages that they can cause. Failing to address the infestation of this creature at an opportune time can lead to costly repairs. Some people are looking for methods on how to get rid of them in a convenient manner. They will use various types of repellents hoping that this will keep them at bay. Unfortunately, not all the repellents will work against groundhog s.

Repellents against Groundhogs: What Works and What Doesn't

Some of the Aurora products in the market will simply be a waste of your time and money. There are not enough studies that will prove that they will successfully thwart the activities of the groundhogs. To help you invest your money on the right solution, we will discuss some of the repellents that can deliver the solution that you are hoping for.

Repellents that Doesn't Work

Before we enumerate the Colorado repellents that will be effective against groundhog , let us take a look first on the repellents that will not eliminate the infestation of the groundhogs. You might notice how most of the commercially-available repellents will garner mixed reviews from the customers. Some of them might be effective but a huge number of them will not. Be sure to avoid the repellents that are not specifically made for the groundhog. Using a commercially-manufactured repellent is actually a gamble. Even on the off chance that it works, this will only be a short-term solution.

Machine deterrents will also not work against Aurora groundhog s. Equipment that release bright lights will not work against them since they will be active during the day. Ultrasonic devices or machine that releases high-pitched sound has been proven ineffective on groundhog infestation. 

What Works?

Simple homemade repellents will actually help you deter the groundhog infestation. For those who have a cat, you are probably using a litter box. The kitty's litter would be an excellent repellent against this creature. The scent of the cat can frighten the groundhog. However, since this nuisance animal is clever, it will return to its original den once it realized that there is no presence of predator around. While the creature is away, fill up their burrows with stones and cover it with dirt. Install fences that will prevent them from returning under your porch.

Sprinkler system that comes with a motion sensor may also work against them. These Aurora motion sensors can be purchased on your local electronic store. The sprinkler will be activated once the sensor detected the movement of the groundhog . Just like the other repellent, the groundhog will soon learn how to avoid the sprinkler by choosing a different route.

In case you tried all the Colorado repellents available but nothing seems to be working, it is time to seek the help of the wildlife removal company. They have gone through a comprehensive training that allows them to remove the creature from your property in a swift manner. They are also properly equipped that keep them safe all throughout the process.