Does Ultrasonic Sound Repel Colorado Snake Infestations?

According to the manufacturer of the ultrasonic devices, the sound waves that are being released by their product will be effective in repelling nuisance creatures such as snakes. You simply have to plug-in the device and wait for the result. Unfortunately, you will wait a lifetime but it will not repel the snakes. It is highly essential that you know how this device works before you invest your money on it

Why High-Pitched Deterrent Machines Are Ineffective Against Snake

The basic concept of this Aurora device is to release a stimulus that will make our house less habitable to these creatures. However, there are different flaws on the designs and the theory behind the product. Aside from the fact that animals can adapt easily to the changes in their environment, the snakes will not feel fear towards the noise that it produces.

Bogus Claims

Most manufacturers of the Aurora ultrasonic devices have unbelievable claims on their product. This may include the efficacy, result, and the area that will be covered by the sound. In order to standardize the industry, the FTC released a guideline about the product. They also warned the manufacturers who are making a preposterous claim on their product. In fact, they have already filed cases against those companies who refused to abide on the rules of the agency.

The Limitation

Even on the off chance that it will release the said sound wave, there are certain limitations that are associated with this Colorado device. For instance, the device that is specifically designed for snake infestation will only remain functional if they are in a dry setting. The loose soils will not necessarily transfer the vibrations. They are also solar powered and may not be an excellent solution for areas who do not receive an ample amount of sunlight. In addition, the high pitch sound will not reverberate and will reduce its efficacy as it travels on solid surface. This means that it will not be the ideal solution in an indoor environment. 

Lack of Studies

In case you look at the existing studies that are related with the ultrasonic devices, you will realize that there are not enough studies that will prove that they can be effective against snake infestation. According to a study, this device may have an insignificant effect towards the insects. However, there will come a time when the insect will get used to the sound. This product does not offer the quick fix and they will not provide 100% effectiveness. 

Since this will not offer you the best solution, you may need to look for a method that will completely keep the Colorado snakes outside your property. Machine deterrent and repellents will not deliver the long-term result so it is best to combine it with methods that will lead to a better result such as trapping and exclusion. You should also manage your expectation if you prefer to use electronic repellents to avoid disappointments. In case you encounter a snake in your property, there is a possibility that they are simply passing by and will soon leave on their own accord.

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