Surprising Things You Don't Expect With a Raccoon In YOUR Aurora Attic!

Normally, the Colorado raccoon will prefer to live at the great outdoors and will not bother you. However, during their nesting season, they will take shelter on the warm and dark areas of our home. The nesting season will occur during the early part of the spring season and will last up to June. In case you noticed a female raccoon in your attic during this period, it will be highly likely that there are babies in her nest.

Quick Facts about the Raccoons Nesting Season

In case you think that you are living with a Colorado raccoon and you are afraid that you might encounter a community of raccoons in your attic, we listed some important facts that you should know during their breeding season.

How to Recognize the Nest of Raccoon

The Aurora raccoons' mating season will start at the late stage of the winter season. This will then continue until the month of June. During this time, they will look for an excellent place to build their den. They prefer it dry, warm, secured and away from human activities. This means that our attic makes an excellent place to nurture their young ones. Attics are isolated and dark which makes it an ideal place for the female raccoon to give birth to her litters. It is also safe from the harsh weather elements and predators.

The raccoons are normally loud creatures but when the mating season ends, the strange noises that they create will be greatly reduced. After sometime, you may notice a squealing noise in your attic. This is an indication that there are baby raccoons in your attic. Identifying the nest of the raccoon is one of the first steps in dealing with your raccoon infestation.

Maternal Instinct

The mother raccoon has one of the strongest maternal instincts among the wildlife Aurora creatures. They are extremely protective of their young ones. Once you evicted the female raccoon in your house and left the babies in your attic, they will do everything to get back to your attic. They can use their strong claws to tear up our vents and their teeth to chew the construction materials. In case the mother raccoon is living in your attic with her litters, it is best to call the professional when evicting them.

Baby Raccoons

Finding the nest that contains the Aurora baby raccoon will seem to be a challenge but hearing their squealing sound will not be a trouble. They will be born with eyes closed but they can already produce sound. They are completely dependent to their mother for their survival. It will take at least 3 months before they can leave their nest on their own accord. The mother raccoon will be protecting them for at least 12 months. 

Eliminating the Colorado raccoon especially if you are doing this on your own should not be done during the nesting season. You may want to wait until this particular season end before removing them to make it less challenging.

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