Nest of Baby Pigeons in Your Aurora Attic?? Vital Steps to Take Now!!

The Colorado baby pigeons will look strange a few days after it hatched. Their necks will look long and slender and their eyes will be closed. They will not have any feather that will expose their pink skin. Pigeons will normally prefer to raise their young ones on areas that resemble the appearance and ambiance of the cave. In case you encountered a nest with baby pigeons in your attic, there are some things that you need to remember.

Things to Consider When Dealing with the Aurora Baby Pigeons in the Nest

Some Aurora people will choose to stay tolerant on the presence of the baby pigeons. It will only take about 35 days until they will leave the nest and our property. Relocating the nest would be dangerous. While the pigeons are intelligent creatures, they won't be able to recognize their chicks if you relocate the nest. This means that no one will feed them and they can die from starvation.

Abandoned Pigeons

On the off chance that the baby pigeons have been abandoned by their parents, there are some responsibilities that you will shoulder to keep the baby pigeons alive. You should be able to feed them at least 8 times per day. In just a matter of 8 weeks, the baby pigeons will reach its maturity. During this stage they will require a steady source of sustenance in order to increase the pace of their growth.

Keeping them Warm

You should also keep the baby pigeons warm. The ideal body temperature of the Colorado baby pigeon should be at least 30-degrees. This is very crucial since they will not have any feather that will keep them warm. Once their body drop to a crucial level, they may die due to coldness. Usually, they will have their parents to keep them warm by keeping them under the body. Since they have been abandoned, you may use a heating pad to keep them protected against the coldness. For the baby pigeons that are more than 4 weeks of age, you may expose them to the sunlight for at least 20 minutes.

Keep Yourself Protected

Aside from protecting the baby pigeons, you should also protect yourself from the threat of the pigeons. They may carry pathogens and parasites that can be transmitted to humans. Avoid handling them with your bare hands. You should wear protective gloves when handling them. You should also have sanitizer to guarantee that you will not be infected with the disease that they carry.

It will not take too long until such time that the Aurora pigeon will be able to learn how to look for their own food. Their regular diet is comprised of jute, grain, and wheat. Be sure that you will soak the grain into the water for at least four hours before feeding it to the baby pigeon. All these methods will be necessary to increase the survival rate of the baby pigeons. 

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